WS85 Prince Edward's Gate Gibraltar
Posted on December 26, 2015 / 674
poi type : Gate
Location :
Condition : Good

This gateway was built by the British in 1790 right next to the old Spanish Flat Bastion.  The gateway remains in good condition with a sentry alcove.

The gate is in the Charles V Wall, one of the sixteenth-century fortifications of Gibraltar that formed the early southern defences of the city. Prince Edward’s Gate, which was constructed in 1790, extends from the northwest corner of the Flat Bastion, another sixteenth-century fortification which projects southward from the Charles V Wall. The gate was positioned adjacent to the retired flank of the bastion, behind theorillon of its west wall to aid in its defence. Prince Edward’s Gate overlooked Trafalgar Cemetery to the southwest and the former St. Jago’s Cemetery to the northwest.

There are two guardhouses next to the Prince Edward’s Gate.[3] A plaque (link below) adjacent to the sentry box on the north side of Prince Edward’s Gate indicates that it was formerly the site of an inscription: “God and the soldier all men adore in time of trouble and no more, for when war is over and all things righted God is neglected and the old soldier slighted.”[14]

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