WS225 Lighthouse North Mole1904
Posted on March 13, 2016 / 531
poi type : Miscellaneous
Location : Gibraltar
Condition : Good

This lighthouse is the only surviving one from the original four that were located on the end of each mole.  The original mounts can still be seen.  This one is on the North Mole and appears to be in good condition, though we did not check inside.

Markings on the lighthouse shows it was built in 1904, Bristol by John Lysaght and Co.  The business named John Lysaght Ltd., initially employed six men and a boy. Lysaght expanded the business, buying in iron sheets and galvanising them for the expanding factory market. In 1869 Lysaght purchased a larger site at St Vincent’s, Bristol, for a new factory which by 1878 employed 400 men and produced 1000 tons of galvanised iron sheet a month. The company also diversified into making constructional ironwork, such as these lighthouses, which were exported around the world from Bristol. . John Lysaght travelled to Australia in 1879, and formed a subsidiary company there, the Victoria Galvanised Iron and Wire Co. In England, John Lysaght’s was incorporated as a limited company in 1881, and then expanded at its bases in Bristol and Wolverhampton.[3]


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