WS145 Bombproof Water Plant
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Located adjacent to South Bastion.

The need to pump water at a time when the main motive power was steam meant the use of coal fired boilers. To produce steam, you need water and brackish water from wells were used for this. The steam produced once condensed provides a pure water. So the next progression was to use boilers purely for raising steam and condensing this steam in prepared condensers were the product could be run off to be used for augmenting the supply of drinking water. Very soon salt water was used as the source. The Sanitary Commissioners Water Supply Account for 1885 stated that half a million gallons of water were sold at 25 centimos per 15 gals (due to cost of fuel), whereas rainwater was sold at 22 centimos per 100 gals.

The plan shows the condensers in Southport ditch.  This  bombproof station was built about 1897, a water condenser was built in Silima, Malta where water supply was also a problem.  In 1897 there were also condensers at Rosia in an area leased from the Admiralty.

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