WS141 Calpe Battery
Posted on January 9, 2016 / 917

Calpe Battery is arguably one of the most unique batteries of the RML period because of its location and method of construction.  The Battery is a retired battery but is located at the foot of the escarpment  just below Tovy Battery and Martins Battery.

This Battery was original built for three 9-ins R.M.L. guns, although it appears from the plans on the following pages that four Casemates were built, but this last one was later converted to a shell and cartridge store.  It would appear that the embrasures were originally initially dug out to allow the guns to be positioned, and then partially closed to protect the opening. The postions were number 1 to 3 from left to right, the the four access point was a shell and cartridge store.

By 1901 this battery is not shown on return, and the block of quarters shown in the image below, were built in 1904, screening part of the battery from the harbour.

The Battery was opened up and used as a Hospital in WW2.


The images show the embrasures as they are now, including one with a blast wall to cover the entrance.

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