WS228 Prince of Wales Battery
Posted on January 2, 2016 / 706
Location : Gibraltar
Condition : Good

The Prince of Wales Lines from the middle of the 18th Century were only earth works to protect the Red Sand area to the rear of the Sea Wall. These have long disappeared., and recent develop- ment has obliterated many of the defences along this line. The initial Prince of Wales Battery was built on the foundation of the old Prince Henry’s Battery and had three 32 – pdrs with adjacent two 18-pdrs, six 12 – pdrs and three 4 – pdrs. With the Jones Report in 1841 it was remodelled as a retired battery with a maximum of eleven guns by 1860, see map below. On the recommendations of Jervois a battery with two 9 – ins RML guns was built here and is still standing. It is now a pri vate residence.

1866 maps show the battery with four 32-pdr in 1859 but in 1886 is shown to have two 9-ins RMLs and two 64/32-pdrs RML.


Plans from the National Archives in the UK, they hold the copyright of these items as marked.


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