WS123 New Mole Fort
Posted on January 4, 2016 / 617
poi type : Gun Battery
Location :
Condition : Poor

This area is now opposite the Police Headquarters and lies within the Dosckyard.  This was a defence location to protect the Landside of the New Mole.

The large seaward fortification was originally called English Bastion but this has now all dissapeared.

In 1866 Four 9-ins RMLs were installed facing westwards down the New Mole, but only one of these positions survives.  These casemated gun positions, similar to those at King’s Bastion, had Gibraltar Shields.  Only one of the four gun positions survives and this has not been fully explored at this time.

In 1880 a new heavy 12.5 ins 38 Ton RML was installed in a position above the 9-ins guns.  This is Alexandra Battery, see seperate entry.

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