WS107 Jumpers Bastion
Posted on January 1, 2016 / 1176
Location : Gibraltar
Condition : Good

The Spanish called the original bastion at this location, Santa Cruz Bastion.  It was designed by the Florentine military architect Giovan Giacomo Paleari Fratino in 1575. After being captured by the British in 1704 it was renamed the Eight Gun Battery, and was refurnished in  1785.

In 1841, General Sir John Thomas Jones produced a report on Gibraltar’s fortifications in which he proposed enlarging North Jumper’s Bastion to its current proportions. It was rebuilt between 1844 to 1847 with a demi-bastion with two flanks and one face. The long south flank has embrasures for six guns, underneath which are six casemated bombproof barracks, each with room for 32 men. Several ancillary rooms are also provided on the north and south flanks. Musketry embrasures were provided along the face and north flank. For a while, it was envisaged that the bastion would be replaced with a 24-gun flat bastion incorporating casemated barracks, along with a realignment of the curtain wall, but this was never realised.

In 1859 Jumpers Bastion has 6 x 32 lbs guns of 33cwt.  By 1886 these gun had been removed and there were not heavy guns on the Bastion,

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