WS186 Coverport(e) Battery
Posted on February 19, 2016 / 568
poi type : Gun Battery
Location : Gibraltar
Condition : Poor

Coverport(e) Battery previously shielded the Landport Gate from direct fire.  Built in 1761

Plans from 1823 show this position as holding 14 guns, but it is not sure if this was a development plan or existing plan.  (TNA MPH 1/929).

This was a three gun emplacement and in 1859 had 3 x 24-lbs guns.  1866 MAp (TNA WO 78/4448) show three guns, and immediately behind this a bulding identified as the Landport Guard.  The rear of this building ran along the top of the moat.

By 1886 the battery was unarmed and out of use.

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