WS121 British Military Hospital (BMH)
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Location : Gibraltar
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The British Military Hospital Gibraltar opened in 1903 to provide medical care for local sailors and British military personnel and was a replacement for the older Naval Hospital. It included three three-story buildings, with a capacity of about three hundred beds.

The Hospital was used b Australian, New Zealand and British Casualties from Gallipoli in 1915, with satellite hospitals opened with help from local volunteers.

55 German sailors from the Cruiser Deutschland were treated here during the Spanish Civil War.

During World War II, casualties from the Malta area were treated at BMH Gibraltar while their ships were serviced at the Naval dockyard. Injuries were again most commonly burns. During the course of WWII, a second hospital, Gort’s Hospital, was built in the tunnel systems deep within The Rock. There was concern that BMH Gibraltar could be compromised by an air raid or an invasion through Spain. Teams of British and Canadian engineers prepared the tunnels and St. Michael’s Cave, and filled it with beds and medical equipment, even flush toilets and an operating theatre. The operating room was said to have been better than that at the conventional hospital as it had been equipped by the United States.


In 1963 the BMH was transferred to the Royal Navy and called the Royal Naval Hospital.  The hospital closed in 2007 and is now flats.

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