WS93 Western Place of Arms W Gibraltar
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The West Place of Arms is an area in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar that was originally used as a troop assembly point. It is located in the gap between the North Bastion and its Counterguard, a structure built in 1804 by the British.

The Counterguard provided defensive cover for the West Place of Arms, which was also fortified by a ditch into which a large caponier projected. The northern end of the Counterguard has been built over and the caponier, has now been buried.

In 1834 the Counterguard was recorded as being armed with thirteen 24-pdrs and two 9-pdrs.

They were replaced by ten 32-pdrs and two 8-inch howitzers by 1859.

By 1885 returns show that the guns mounted here were:

2 x 64/32 lbs RML (Garrison standing)

2 x 8ins SB Howitzers 22-cwt

3 x 64/32 lbs RML (garrison standing)

5 x 32lbs SB  By this time these smoothbore guns were largely redundant. 

In 1886 the following status is shown for this position;

Name of Battery Approved Mounted Proposed Remarks
It is not believed that the 6 ins BL gun was ever installed. The redundant SB guns to be removed
West place of Arms

Right Face




Left Face



Left Flank




2 x 64/32 lbs RML




3 x 64/32 lbs RML

1x6in BL


2x32lbs SB




2 x 64/32 lbs RML (Garrison standing)

2x8ins SB Howitzers 22-cwt



3 x 64/32 lbs RML (garrison standing)



3 x 32 SB


2x32lbs SB



2 x 64/32 lbs RML (Blocked up platforms)


2 x 64/32 lbs RML





1x6ins BL





(Blocked up platforms)




On disappearing mount


During WW2 some concrete structures were erected on the counterguard including fire slots.

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