WS92 Wellington Front Gibraltar
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Wellington Front WS31

Centre of Front: 36.136903, -5.354533

North Bastion: 36.137467, -5.354900

South Bastion: 36.136262, -5.354448


Wellington Front was one of the improvements to the defence of Gibraltar recommended by Major General John Jones in 1840.  The new section of wall was built over the earlier Spanish fortifications including the Plataforma de San Diego in the north and Plataforma de San Francisco in the south.  These two demi-bastions were subsequently named North and South Bastion respectively.


Initially built with embrasures for about 15 guns, there was one arms shed and three traverses.  A further arms shed was added and a small magazine in the gorge which was referred to as the Regimental Magazine.


Wellington Front in 1859 had mounted the following guns:

7 x 68lbs

4 x 32 lbs of 42cwt

4 x 8 inches


The next major change came in June 1879 with the installation of a 12.5 ins in the North Demi-Bastion.  The gun position was given an armoured shield with two embrasures to fire through, the gun being moved on a turntable.


In 1886 Wellington Front had the following shown on returns:

4x8ins SB

1×12.5ins RML  (In the new Iron Shield Position on Northern Dem-Bastion 1879).

1×64/32lbs RML (garrison standing)

2x32lbs SB (garrison Standing)

3x10ins RML

3×64/32lbs RML (garrison standing)

2x32lbs SM (garrison standing)


As of December 2015 the whole front is being refurbished.


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