WS130 Sallyport to Rosia Mole Gibraltar
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Ramp to Rosia Mole.

The ramp is a very new addition. The two cranes would be used to lift supplies, access to the quay was through a spiral staircase to the left of this picture.

There was a narrow gauge railway the ran through a quayside entrance to the quay on Mole. The railway ran from the Royal Naval Victualling Yard along the top to two cranes that would load or unload items from wagons to wagons below on the narrow gauge railway . Below the upper part of ramp was a Distillery.

An 1862 plan of this area in TNA WO 78/492 shows that this area was flooded, almost acting as a moat at the base of 7th Rosia Battery.  There is a spiral staircase leading down from the ramparts to a small bridge across to the pier. Cranes are shown for lifting the goods up and down from the ramparts.

In 1866 the situation remains the same with a drawbridge shown between the pier and mainland.  There is a spiral staircase up to the main parapet, close to the Victualing Yard. (WO 78/4448).

A 1901 map would appear to show little change, but there are hand drawn markings on the map with a railway line showing the probably course of the tram road to the Meat Store (old North Gorge Magazine).  The tramroad to the Naval Yard is already in place.  (MPI 1/764).  No change on plans from 1908.


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