WS112 Russian Guns Line wall Road, Gibraltar
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Two of four Russian Guns captured in the Crimea 1854-1856 and presented to Gibraltar by the British Government. One gun on either side of the British WWI war memorial on Line Wall Road. See WS113 fo rhte Russian Gun in Almedia Gardents.

The follow is provided by Paul Hodkinson, for long associated with Flat Bastion which he helped restore.

“Well the trunnions – those parts of the casting by which the cannon is mounted – can tell us a great deal about each gun’s origin. Let’s examine one of the guns by the war memorial. The right trunnion, pictured here, tells us that this is a 24 pounder; more accurately 24fun, a Russian unit that is roughly equal to an English pound. The next line tells us that the gross weight is 120 pood; which is a unit of around 35fun, so by calculation that gives an all up weight of 42oolb orjust over 1900Kg. The bottom line tells us only that the gun was cast in 1825 and was therefore some 30 years old when captured.

The left trunnion, pictured here, gives a little more data. The top line carries the weapon ‘s registered number and the middle line translates as Aleksandrevsky Zavoda, or Alexander Factory; the place of manufacture. The first three characters of the last line are obscure but the remainder translates as Pullon, the director of the factory.The Alexander Factory, located at Petrozavodsk on Lake Onega, was a French concern until 1777 when it went bankrupt and was taken over by the state, which appointed former director Andre Pullon as manager. Andre’s son Alexander managed the factory from 1818 until 1833 and it is his name that appears on our cannon.” (Copyright Paul Hodkinson)

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