WS160 Royal Engineers Canteen Prince Edwards Gate, Gibraltar
Posted on January 25, 2016 / 864
poi type : Barracks
Location :
Description : Description
Condition : Fair

A long one story build just above Prince Edwards Gate (at lower Flat Bastion) An old map has it marked as a R.E. Canteen. With easy access over Prince Edwards Gate, this formed part of the R.E. Barracks at Hargrave’s. It would appear that a second floor has been added at a later stage.

In 18866 there were a total of four guns mounted on the lower level overlooking Prince Edqrd’s GAte.  There were five guns on the next level up, an a Magazine just behind this, close to the gate that goes out to Hargreaves Steps.  Flat Bastion Magazine, then called a Store Magazine, was also part of the bastion.

By 1897 both sets of Batteries in Flat Bastion appear to have gone and there is now a structure here that could be this barrack block.  By 1908 this Barrack Block is clearly shown on plans and maps.

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