Rock Battery (3 Guns)
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Location : Gibraltar

This battery is located on the Top of the North peak of the Rock. According to Brigadier Wainwright, the first gun was mounted her in 1903, a single 6-inch Breach Loading Gun, Mark 7. However, TNA record show that in 1891 a single 1.6″ B.L. Gun on a Vacvasseur Central Pivot Mounting was installed here.
At this time (1891) there were two 6-inch guns, Position 1 and Position 2. Position 1 is on the forward slope while position 2 was where the 9.2-inch gun was later placed.
Some plans shows a total of three gun positions on the Rock:
(a) Rock Gun at 1355ft, a 9.2-inch B.L. Mark IX gun.
(b) Rock Battery South, 1350 ft, formerly a 6-inch B.L. Gun but now a gold ball radar.
(c) Rock Battery North, 1326 feet, a 6-inch B.L. Gun
See Plan – this is the Parent Listing.

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