WS38 Prince Albert’s Front Gibraltar
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Location : Gibraltar
Condition : Good

Prince Albert’s Front is part of the City Wall that previously ran along the sea front of the western shoreline of Gibraltar.  It runs between King’s Bastion and Orange Bastion.  The old walls used to follow what is now Line Wall Road, some distance to the East of the new wall.  One of the original Towers from this defence line, survives in the car park to the rear of the Front.

In 1785 the old line was used as the Saluting Battery.

This new section of the walls was built by the British in 1842, foundation stone laid on 22nd October 1842.  This new straightening of the defence line was as a result of the report by Major General Sir John Thomas Jones concerning improvements to Gibraltar defences.  Princes Albert’s Front improved the defences by straining the walls and thus further protecting from an possible amphibious landing. 


The section of wall is named after Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s prince consort.


The Front was intended to be armed with 68-pdr cannon but their deployment did not proceed due to lack of funds. By 1859, six such guns had been installed on Prince Albert’s Front. Returns also shows that there were a total of thirteen 32lbs guns. 

By 1886 three 80-pdr RMLs had been installed on the right curtain wall.  There are good remains of these positions.

There is a firestep along much of the wall to allow infantry to fire down front he ramparts.

The is one Traverse and one Side Arms Shed on the front, both of which survive today.

The Front is further protected by Zoca Flank which mounted a 12.5-inch 38-ton rifled muzzle loader (RML) which was installed by 1879.




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