WS77 Cumberland Battery Gibraltar
Posted on December 25, 2015 / 777
poi type : Gun BatteryPillbox
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Condition : Good

Located overlooking the dockyard are two batteries, one of which has existed since at least 1826. The older battery is Cumberland Battery which was originally located on Scud Hill, just behind the sea wall. The plans below from 1826 and 1844 show this original battery.  With the straightening of the sea wall under the proposal of Jones, a flank battery was established facing North West.

With the building of the lower flank battery this became Cumberland Flank Battery, the battery on


the small rise became Scud Hill Battery, as shown in the plan left. Only a small part of Scud Hill Battery remains, alt- hough the side arms store and magazine are still standing. Cumberland Flank Battery still stands but the northern end was converted to a WW2 Pill Box and the casemates are  now used as garages. It does take a little effort to identify the original structures.

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