WS119 Twin 6pdr Gun (T3) Gibraltar Harbour, Gibraltar
Posted on January 6, 2016 / 812
poi type : Gun Emplacement
Location :
Description : Description
Condition : Fair

Gun emplacement T3 – a light coastal QF 6-pounder 10 cwt twin gun at Detached Mole North.

There were six of these guns defending the Naval harbour at Gibraltar during WWII, they had a range of 4,710 meters, as follows:-

North Mole North – T1, North Mole South – T2, Detached Mole North – T3, Detached Mole South – T4, South Mole North – T5, South Mole South – T6.

The twin 6pdr gun was the standard AMTB close defence gun used by the British Forces during WW2.  The best preserved of these guns is in Esquimalt, Canada.


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