WS58 Buena Vista Barracks Gibraltar
Posted on December 21, 2015 / 1748
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The area of the battery and barracks was originally used as a lookout post with an attached guardroom and was rebuilt in the 1760s after falling into ruin. At the time the shoreline below was considered to be unassailable, as it was swept by strong currents. The lookout was subsequently converted into an artillery battery intended to protect Camp Bay from a surprise landing.

By 1834 there were two 18-inch howitzers mounted here together with two 32-pdrs, but these were removed by 1859.

A single 9-inch (RML) in an open iron shielded emplacement was installed in 1872.

In 1896 a 12-pounder Quick Fire Battery was installed with the guns mounted in 1902.  These were subsequently redeployed to the Northern Front and placed in Upper Union Communicaton (Siege Tunnels).

During World War 2 a 4-inch naval gun was installed on the battery.

The adjoining barracks was constructed in the 1840s to the designs of Major General Sir John Thomas Jones.  Also known as the “Stone Block”, its simple design consisted of a single rectangular block with windows on each side, divided into two sections on each floor with three wide intercommunicating rooms in each section. It was used for many years by the Royal Gibraltar Regiment but was subsequently converted for commercial use as factory and storage units.

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