WS10 7th Castle Battery Gibraltar
Posted on December 4, 2015 / 788
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This battery lies at the bottom of the line of batteries running down from the Moorish Castle.  It overlooks the main gate Landport Gate.

In 1859 there were 3 x 32 lbs gun at this location.  By 1886 it would appear that there were still 3 x3 2lbs SB 56-cwt guns mounted.

Two of these guns were in casemated positions facing North, while the third gun covered the entrance to Landport.  The latter position was built over in WW2 with a MG position.

There is also a looped wall covering the Landport gate.  A natural cave in the rear of the position has been used as a Magazine.

One of the casemated positions has been coveted to hold an anti tank gun, caliber not known, in WW2.

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