We are hoping that a broad range of people will contribute to the compilation of an accurate record of the fortifications in Gibraltar. This can be done using a Desktop or Mobile device.

Step One

Under the tab Post and Item you will first of all be asked to register if not already registered. This can be expedited by using your Facebook or Gmail account to log in.

Step Four

A brief description of the POI and mention of the present condition.

Step Two

You will then need to select the Zone in which the Point of Interest (POI) is located. Please see Methodology for Zone boundaries.

Step Three

Provide a name for the POI e.g. Scud Hill Barrack, South Barracks Pillbox or Buffadero Battery.

Step Five

Select a POI type from the drop down list. Multiple options can be set for a single POI if required.

Step Six

Set the Location to Gibraltar. To do this type in the word gibraltar and select the location from the drop down list. This is a required field that allows for us to keep a concise record of the defences of Gibraltar.

Step Seven

Upload photos of the POI. As many as 100 can be uploaded at one time with a maximum size of 10MB per image.

Almost done

Make sure you agree to the terms and conditions and you are ready to submit.

Once this is completed the item is placed in a pending state where it will be double checked before posting. You will be credited for your contribution. Thank you.