The Defence of Gibraltar Project commenced in November 2015 and ran for two years.
This started in 2015 as a collaborative effort between the Friends of Gibraltar and the Fortress Study Group, in conjunction with the Fortress of Gibraltar Group.
This study was conducted with the full cooperation of the Government of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Heritage Trust but concluded in November 2017. This web site has been kept live by the Fortress Study Group because of it value to researchers and visitors to Gibraltar.


The purpose of this Web Site is to create a definitive database of the military landscape in Gibraltar (circa 1704 to 1960). The information will be collected from field visits and examination of historic documents. At this stage it is proposed to run the project for two years, subject to an annual review on progress.

The Data

The information collected on the database will be made available to the Government of Gibraltar, and in particular the Gibraltar Heritage Trust, with a view to the future preservation of sites of interest. The newly formed, Fortress of Gibraltar Group are also coordinating their research with this Project, concentrating their efforts on the World War 2 landscape.